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Workshops & Private Lessons

Please email Nicole for workshops and private/semi-private instruction inquiries:


Yoga heals. It brings stillness, strength, peace, confidence and flexibility into our lives. As a teacher I arm students with the tools they need to bring this healing into their own lives. Through asana and meditation my students learn to quiet the mind, to challenge their physical and mental limits, to reach within and observe, and ultimately, to grow. I am forever grateful for the healing that yoga has brought into my own life, and for the opportunity to honor the individual and collective spirit through the practice of yoga.

See you on the mat!

Om Shanti Namaste,




In her classes you will find a heavy focus on alignment, as Nicole believes a safe, strong foundation is the key to allowing your physical yoga practice to bloom. She also infuses humor, joy and philosophy into classes, recognizing the power and spirit of yoga.


Receiving her 200 Hr. Level training through YogaWorks in Los Angeles, Nicole began teaching yoga in 2007. After leading the grand opening of two yoga studios in Los Angeles, and teaching privately and at several gyms, Nicole found her home at Runyon Canyon Yoga. She has studied with Seane Corn, Saul David Raye, Johnny Kest, Ashley Albrand and many other local Los Angeles yoga inspirations. Nicole's classes are alignment based, joy-inspiring flowing meditations. On the mat, Nicole has nurtured rock stars and children, senior citizens and pregnant mamas. All are welcome.


Nicole has appeared in print ads for YogaWorks and NIKE, starring in their "I love my hips" campaign.


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