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You've done it! You brought your baby into the world. What an exciting, special and, sometimes, intimidating time the fourth trimester can be. As you get to know your baby and adjust to the rhythms of postpartum life, a doula can be an added resource, listening ear and extra pair of hands to allow for a more grounded and graceful transition. 

Postpartum Doula Service Includes:

•    Newborn & Infant Care

•    Meal Prep

•    Emotional Support

•    Massage

•    Postpartum Vaginal Steaming Herbs

•    Aromatherapy

•    Shopping

•    Light Cleaning

•    Housekeeping/Organization related to baby

•    Resources & referrals for additional products, services and care providers that may be helpful to you. (i.e. Lactation Consultants, Physicians)


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