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What is Hypnobirthing®?

Hypnobirthing® uses deep relaxation, self-hypnosis, special breathing techniques, visualization, affirmations and childbirth education to create an easier, more joyful, comfortable, and often, even pain-free birth. Based on the belief that all babies should come into this world in an atmosphere of gentility, calm and joy, the Hypnobirthing® philosophy allows a woman to use her natural birthing instincts to birth her baby in safety and with ease.


Benefits of Hypnobirthing®

  • Eliminates fears and anxieties to help mothers focus on their birthing experience with excitement and confidence.

  • Enhances the bond between the mother, baby and birthing companion

  • Allows the birthing mother to take control of her birthing experience

  • Involves the birthing companion as an integral part of the HypnoBirthing® experience

  • Reduces the likelihood of medical intervention

  • Reduces the need for pain medication during and after the birth

  • Labour durations are often shorter

  • Teaches valuable relaxation techniques

  • Allows your baby to be born into a calm environment with no trauma or stress


Class Info

The course consists of 5 classes, each lasting approximately 2.5 hours. I also offer support and advice right up to and immediately following birth.


Class One: Building a Positive Expectancy


Class Two: Falling in Love With Your Baby/Preparing Mind and Body


Class Three: Getting Ready to Welcome Your Baby


Class Four: An Overview of Birthing: A Labor Of Love


Class Five: Birth--Breathing Love--Bringing Life




Schedule & Fees



Group Class:

Saturdays 10AM-12:30PM

Next 5 Week Session Begins July 18th

Cost: $500

Location: VIRTUAL via ZOOM





Private Classes:

Private classes are also available. Please contact me if you are interested in learning Hypnobirthing in the comfort of your own home. $600 includes mp3, book and course.

Mind + Breath + Body

A self-hypnosis, meditation, breath and movement workshop for labor.

Monthly at LOOM in Mid-City. $125


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