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Are you ready to grow your family? Are you looking for gentle ways to prepare your body for conception? Plant medicine is a wonderful way to support the body in opening up to receive new life. Fertility support includes:

-Cycle Analysis & Support

-Vaginal Steam Facilitation

-Nourishing Herbal Infusions

-Breath, Movement, Meditation

-3 Months of connection and education to nourish your nervous & reproductive systems

Please Contact me for Custom Support

Herbal Infusions are water-based extracts of nourishing plants. These infusions are vitamin and mineral rich, offering deep nutrition to the recovering postpartum parent. They support healing by calming anxiety, soothing the nervous system, building the adrenals and flooding the body with nutrition. Each blend contains galactagogue plants, which create rich, abundant breastmilk. Infusions are made from the following:

-Stinging Nettle

-Red Raspberry


-Lemon Balm

-Comfrey Leaf

Delivery Available in Los Angeles

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