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Nicole Sessions is a Los Angeles & Atlanta based artist and wellness professional. Her passion is helping people thrive--supporting the journey to vibrant health, wellness and wholeness.  Her focus is on mindfulness practices and women's wellness, particularly through facilitation of presence of mind through yoga, breath, sound and meditation.  She began her wellness journey over 20 years ago when she began practicing Ashtanga yoga in high school after a decade in competitive gymnastics.

Nicole is a certified yoga instructor, herbalist, poet, meditation/breath work/sound and Reiki practitioner. She offers wellness workshops, retreats and private instruction for these modalities. In terms of women's wellness, Nicole is a DONA certified birth, postpartum and pregnancy loss doula. She currently teaches the monthly class MIND + BREATH + BODY, which she co-created, at LOOM. Weaving together these healing modalities, Nicole offers coaching and consulting for period wellness, pre-conception, fertility, pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Nicole also co-created the course, HERBALISM FOR BIRTH CARE PROFESSIONALS, which she teaches at The Gaia School of Healing CA.


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